Match Deposit Tool

Can I match PayPal and Shopify orders?

You can upload a spreadsheet of PayPal sales to Connex

How does Connex know how to match fields?

You must map the PayPal transaction ID to the QuickBooks order number field. Here is how the fields map:

PayPal QuickBooks Notes
Fee Amount Merchant Fees Aggregated and added as a line item.
Date Order Date Used to locate sales and refunds in QuickBooks.
Transaction ID Order Number or Memo Used to locate sales in QuickBooks. Each order has a unique transaction ID.
Type Merchant Fees Used to calculate total fees from PayPal.
Order Date Deposit Date We map the first order's date to the deposit date in QuickBooks.

How do I get started?

To start the mapping, follow these steps:

  1. On the left, click rules > my rules. Upload this spreadsheet. We must map the PayPal transaction ID to the credit memo and credit card refund order number fields: 
  2. On our configure page, click orders > sync orders to QuickBooks > transaction. Choose invoices, payments if paid as the mode. Connex will sync the transaction ID onto the payment reference and memo fields. 
  3. On the PayPal spreadsheet, delete the invoice number column. If you choose sales receipts, then you must map the ref. no as the QuickBooks order number. You can perform these steps by opening the spreadsheet on step three and removing the second row.
  4. Contact our support to enable a setting to pull the PayPal ref. no field onto the QuickBooks payment or sales receipt.
  5. In QuickBooks, go to lists > other names > payment method list. Edit PayPal. As the type, choose Visa. This ensures Connex creates credit card refunds and our tool can match refunds:
  6. Here is the credit card refund that we match: