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Can I map a custom field to the QuickBooks customer name field?

Use an account number to map to QuickBooks

Customer names and emails change over time. In this example, we will map a custom field containing an account number to the QuickBooks customer name field.

Make custom field and enter a value

In this example, we will use ShipStation. In CustomField1, enter 12345:

Change customer mapping

Change your mapping to selling channel name:

  1. Login to Connex, find your connection and click "Manage"
  2. Select "Customers" and choose the option "Selling Channel / Marketplace"
  3. Click "Save Settings" at the top

Add rule to map the custom field to selling channel name

Next, map the field:

  1. Click Rules Engine > My Rules on the left navigation bar.
  2. Click "Add New Rule".
  3. In the type of rule, select "Map custom field to a QuickBooks standard field.". 
  4. Name the rule, enter the name of the custom field, and map it to the "Selling Channel"
  5. Click Finish.

End result

Here is how the sale appears in QuickBooks: