Getting Started with Connex Online

Can I integrate Connex to a sandbox QuickBooks Online file?

We recommend a trial file, instead

How do I use your system with a sandbox file?

We do not support the sandbox files at at this time. It is an open feature request.

A QuickBooks Online trial allows you to enable more features than a sandbox. The problem with trials and sandboxes is you must set them up like your live file; there is no automatic way to copy a live file to a test and vice versa. In this guide, we will describe how to use spreadsheets to migrate data from a live file to a trial.

How do I transfer the settings?

Please read this guide.

How do I export the spreadsheets?

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your live company file.
  2. On top, click the gear box.
  3. Click export data.
  4. For the chart of accounts, uncheck all boxes and click export:
  5. For customers, click lists and export customers.
  6. For items, click the gear box.
  7. Click products and services.
  8. Click the export to excel on the top right:

How do I import them?

In QuickBooks, click the gear box. Click import data. You can choose products and services, customers, or chart of accounts. Go through the wizard.