Custom Store

Can I integrate a custom shopping cart?

Our software allows third parties to build a custom store integration. Our site will ping a page on your website.

By Approval Only

If you are a software vendor and you can send 10+ clients to Connex, please contact us.

How does the data look and what calls are available?

Yes, please read this document.

If I have no data to return, how should the response look?

Return an empty array of orders:


What support do you offer to build the integration?

Please note we create no custom integrations. We can answer questions about how the requests and responses appear and if your JSON is well formatted.

Do you offer a testing environment?

Please set up an account on Connex for QuickBooks Online or Connex for QuickBooks Desktop. At the my connections page, choose custom store.

Can I sync POs from my selling channel to QuickBooks?

Yes, you can use the get purchase orders file above this paragraph in the schema. The arguments for get orders are identical for get purchase orders. The only different instead of returning a list of order, you return a list of purchase.

Is there an SDK?

Here is our C# SDK.