Spreadsheet Import Tool

Can I import a spreadsheet of Shopify sales?

Connex can only download up to 2,500 Shopify sales in a given sync by date. For a larger range, export a spreadsheet of sales.

How do I pair it?

Read this guide on our spreadsheet mapping tool. During the wizard, choose Shopify.

How do I download the spreadsheet?

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into Shopify.
  2. On the left, click orders.
  3. On the top right, click export.
  4. Choose the sales to export.
  5. In Connex, click manual sync next to the spreadsheet connection.
  6. Break the sheet into groups of 500 sales.
  7. Upload the sheet.
  8. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, run your web connector.

How do the fields map?

Here is a diagram:

Shopify QuickBooks
Name Order Number
Created at Order Date
Currency Currency on customer
Lineitem sku Item name
Lineitem name Item description
Lineitem quantity Item quantity
Taxes Tax on order, if you add tax as a line item. Otherwise, makes line items taxable for QuickBooks tax code mapping.
Shipping Method Line item as shipping method
Shipping Line item with shipping amount
Email Customer Email
Billing Name Customer Name
Billing Phone Customer Phone
Billing Address 1 Billing Address
Billing Address 2 Billing Address 2
Billing Company Billing Company
Billing City Billing City
Billing Province Billing State
Billing Zip Billing Zip
Billing Country  Billing Country
Shipping Name Customer Name
Shipping Phone Shipping Phone
Shipping Address 1 Shipping Address
Shipping Address 2 Shipping Address 2
Shipping Company Shipping Company
Shipping City Shipping City
Shipping Province Shipping State
Shipping Zip Shipping Zip
Shipping Country  Shipping Country
Notes Memo
Discount Amount Line item with discount
Financial Status No mapping, but can be used with our rules engine.
Paid at Payment date
Source No mapping, but can be used with our rules engine.
Tax 1 Name No mapping, but can be used with our rules engine.
Tags No mapping, but can be used with our rules engine.
Payment Method Payment Method
Payment Reference Payment Reference
Refunded Amount Determines whether an order is a sale or refund.