Can I add an order prefix to the order number?

Connex is programmed to check for duplicate order numbers in QuickBooks when it syncs a customer sale.

This particular feature can be useful when your order numbers are smaller digits or similar to that of another integration.

Here is an example:

You sync invoices from Shopify to QuickBooks.  Shopify generates order number 1200.  You already have an invoice in QuickBooks numbered 1200.  Connex will skip syncing this Shopify order to QuickBooks because it already exists.  

Solution or Workaround: Add an order prefix to the auto-generated order number from your integration when Connex creates the sales receipt/invoices/sales orders in QuickBooks.

How to set-up Connex to use an order prefix:

You can accomplish this by using our rules engine:

  1. Click Rules Engine -> My Rules on the left-hand navigation in Connex
  2. Click "Add New Rule"
  3. From the list of templates, choose "Map field, based on a condition" and advance
  4. What do you want to call this rule? Give your rule a good name so you can reference it later on.
  5. What actions would you like to take? choose "Add Order Prefix" as the action you would like to take
  6. What conditions need to be met for this rule to execute? Click "Add", and choose your criteria. (i.e. order prefix equals "AZ" only if the selling channel is equal to "Amazon")
  7. What should the value be? enter the desired prefix (i.e. "AZ")
  8. Click Submit.