Can I add an order prefix to the order number?

Connex is programmed to check for duplicate order numbers in QuickBooks when it syncs a customer sale.

This particular setting is pre-programmed in the Connex software, so there is nothing to turn on or off in your Connex account.

Here is an example:

You sync invoices from Shopify to QuickBooks.  Shopify generates order number 1200.  You already have an invoice in QuickBooks numbered 1200.  Connex will skip syncing this Shopify order to QuickBooks because it already exists.  

Solution or Workaround: Add an order prefix to the auto-generated order number from your integration when Connex creates the sales receipt/invoices/sales orders in QuickBooks.

How to set-up Connex to use an order prefix:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. At the Connex Dashboard, click the manage button.
  3. Expand the Orders menu.
  4. Expand the Sync orders to QuickBooks menu.
  5. Expand the Advanced Transaction menu.
  6. Enter a prefix, such as "Web-"  or "S-" or a "1-"
  7. Click save settings.

I want to add an order prefix, based on business logic. Can this be done?

You can use our rules engine:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click rules on the left.
  3. Click my rules.
  4. Click add.
  5. Click start from scratch.
  6. As the action, choose add order prefix.
  7. In this example, choose selling channel and equals: 
  8. As the map to, enter a prefix like AZ.
  9. Click finish.
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