Customer Matching

Can Connex match QuickBooks customer projects?

QuickBooks Online supports job costing where you can track income and expenses to see the profitability of a job.

Can Connex match QuickBooks projects?

 If you ran a computer coding training event and sold $1,000 worth of tickets, you could record expenses related to the event and see how profitable the event became for you. In this example, orders totaled $20 with $9 of expenses:



Connex can associated incoming sales with projects.

QuickBooks projects are QuickBooks customers that have a field called is project set to true. Here is a customer search:



As long as a field on the incoming order matches the QuickBooks project, then Connex will match it like a regular customer. Projects look like Parent Customer:Project name. Just specify the project name on your order. Our solution will assign the parent customer. In this example, just send Robin Project:



If you set the order billing company to the project name, Connex can automatically match it. Login to Connex. Click manage next to your connection. Expand customer and choose company name as the customer match.