Can Connex mark sales as to be emailed?

Connex can mark sales as to be emailed


You want to email customers from QuickBooks


You must select the to be emailed box for each customer.


Ensure the sale has a valid first and last name

When the customer reaches QuickBooks, does the customer name just have a comma:

If so, check the sale in your ordering solution. Ensure it has a valid first and last name.

This error typically happens with ShipStation because they have a single field called customer name. If the customer entered a single phase, matching by last name first name will fail. Change the customer match:

  1. On our configure page, click customers.
  2. Under customer match, choose billing full name:
  3. Delete the order from QuickBooks and resync it.

Ensure email is valid and preferred delivery method is email

The customer must have a valid email. Under payment settings, the preferred delivery method must be email:

Enable the setting

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Go to orders > sync orders to QuickBooks > advanced transaction > QuickBooks templates and formatting.
  4. Check to be emailed.
  5. Click save.